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When thinking about building your own custom home, selecting the right home builder is key to achieving your dream home. Building a custom home is a large investment, in time and money and having a dependable, experienced team ensures your home building process is as stress free as possible.

As an experienced home building firm, Edmonton Custom Homes Builders understands the utmost importance of clear and honest communication between homeowners, the design team and the construction team.

Your home builder should act as your advocate, working with you and all participants in the process to establish a realistic budget. Throughout all phases of the project, your builder should monitor cost and scope to ensure your dream home is delivered on budget and on time. To assess whether a custom home builder is capable and the right fit for you, here are a few questions you’ll want to ask:

Custom Home Building Experience

Start with the basics. Ask your home builder about their previous work experience. How many homes have they have built in the area? How many years of experience do they have building custom homes or completing major renovations? Does your potential home builder specialize in the type of home you are looking to build?

If you have yet to decide on the size or type of home you would like to build, your prospective home builder should be able to give you the proper guidance and advice that takes into consideration your family’s needs and your budget.

Home Building Process & Certifications

Gaining a clear understanding of your builder’s philosophy and process will help you determine if they are the right team for you. This includes asking questions about what kind of materials they will use? Do they follow green building practices? What certifications do they possess? What is their building process?

These questions open the lines of communication and help you understand all the steps that will be required to build your dream home. You want a home builder that you’re comfortable speaking with, as there will selections to make, decisions to make and advise to seek when necessary.

Custom Home Building Timelines

If this is your first time building a custom home or your seventh, ask your potential home builder about the different phases the project will go through and the estimated time each will take. Your home builder should be able to give you rough timelines for the design process, selection process, permitting process and construction process. Also, be sure to ask your builder how soon after you make initial decisions that they can get started on your new home.

Are you ready to build a custom home in the Edmonton or Fort Saskatchewan area? Contact us today! Edmonton Custom Home Builders will gladly prepare a free quote and answer any questions you have regarding building your luxury modern home.

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