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When building or renovating your dream home, you have the opportunity to be good for the environment and to save money. You can optimize the efficiency of your new home in Edmonton by using many eco-friendly alternatives.

At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we believe that all go-green efforts should be focused on avoiding excessive energy and water consumption. Having a luxury custom home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an innovative and efficient space. If you are looking to add greater functionality to your home, we recommend you consider the following eco-friendly options.

Water-Efficient Fixtures

You will be surprised at how low your water bill may get after choosing eco-friendly options over the usual water running fixtures for your new home in Edmonton. Water conserving fixtures include low flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets. Another option is to add low flow aerators to your already existing faucets to reduce the amount of water they supply. The use of an energy efficient washing machine and dishwasher will also reduce significantly the amount of water you use.

Lighting Alternatives

The fastest and simplest change you can implement at your luxury custom home is changing your bulbs. The use of light-emitting diode bulbs (LED) and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) can dramatically lower your energy bills. They usually last ten times longer than regular incandescent bulbs and they don’t produce the typical heat of a traditional bulb.

Heating and Cooling Preservation

As specialized Edmonton home builders, we consider that your home's HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is one of the most important items at home that also makes a great impact on your energy bills. Of course, the efficiency of your HVAC system will be deeply related to good insulation. For example, a home without a proper insulation system will probably let out most of its heat during the winter months. In our opinion, an interesting choice for insulation is ICF (insulated concrete forms). This is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient option to include to your new custom home. Learn more about ICF and its benefits here.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

There is a range of eco-friendly appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, and air conditioners, that will help you save a considerable amount of water and energy without sacrificing performance or the style of your new custom home. Edmonton custom home builders prefer Energy Star certified appliances, as they use less energy than older appliances in order to protect the environment from the dangers of excessive energy consumption.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Optimize your new custom home efficiency to protect both the environment and your wallet At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we encourage you to choose eco-friendly options to save water and energy. If you are ready to go green, consider installing water-efficient fixtures, switching to new lighting alternatives, caring about heating and cooling preservation through good insulation, and investing in energy-efficient appliances.