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If you already decided to move forward with the construction of your dreamed custom home, then the next big question is which would be the ideal size for you. Each luxury custom home is different, as each homeowner has different needs and tastes. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we believe in prioritizing the functional distribution of space. Take a look at these suggestions to decide which is the right square footage for your dream home.

Determine Your Current and Future Needs

It is essential to determine how many people will live with you. If you are a single homeowner or a couple, you probably don’t need a large home. Which is essential to think about is the number of rooms and bathrooms you want to have at home to live comfortably. If you plan to expand your family, the best idea is adding as many rooms as you deem necessary for the future. The extra benefit of homes with more square footage and livable spaces is that the may have a higher resale value. Edmonton home builders suggest to also think about the functionality of each area. Multipurpose rooms are an excellent choice to have less square footage, but a completely efficient home space and all of this can be accomplished by a smart custom home design or by choosing an open concept floor plan. A plus of smaller homes is the fact that they are easier to maintain and that utility bills can be lower.

Build Your Forever Custom Home in Edmonton

If you would like your new home in Edmonton to become your permanent residence for many years, then you will have to think about your potential future needs. For example, if you plan to expand your family in a couple of years, it would be a good idea to increase your square footage when building or renovating. Even if bigger homes need more maintenance, they have more living spaces and bonus rooms for specific activities for each member of the family. Additionally, if you plan to have your elders living with you in the future, experienced Edmonton Custom Home Builders advise planning a space for them as well. 

Adding More Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Let’s not forget the total square footage of your luxury custom home will also include indoor and outdoor spaces. These indoor spaces could consist of your home office, a craft room, or a playroom for your kids. Decks and patios are valuable outdoor spaces as they tend to be the focus of family gatherings and to relax. So don’t forget to think which bonus spaces would be ideal for your lifestyle.

Now that you are ready to start thinking about the right size for your new custom home, it is the best time to contact Edmonton Custom Home Builders! We will prepare a free summary budget for your new custom home and provide you with more information about our custom homes in Edmonton and the Fort Saskatchewan area!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When deciding which is the right size for your Edmonton custom home, we suggest thinking first about your current lifestyle and your potential future needs. Taking into account indoor and outdoor spaces is also essential to determine the right size for your new dream home.