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Usually, the first steps before building a new home are selecting a builder and buying a lot. Purchasing land is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make because it can determine both the location and size of your dream home. When looking for lot options for your future Edmonton custom home, it is essential that you take into account some factors that will prevent you to make some common mistakes among homeowners. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we have prepared a list of the three things you must consider before buying a lot.

Ideal Community for your New Home in Edmonton

When you are thinking about your new lot, you have already established that a new custom home in Edmonton is the best choice for you, now finding the ideal community for you and your family is essential.

It may seem obvious, but it is always good to stress the importance of your new home location and surroundings. If you want to own the right piece of land, take into account which are your current and future needs. For example, how many people will live in your new custom home in Edmonton? What is your lifestyle? Which activities fill your days? According to these, you will need to calculate commute time and check for access to schools, shopping and entertainment centers, and other amenities. Take into account that you are not only buying a lot but also gaining a whole community.

The Right Size for your Dream Home

Finding the perfect area for your new home in Edmonton is also closely related to the size of the land you acquire. All properties are long-term investments, so remember to always keep in mind your home’s resale value. The bigger a lot is, the higher it is the future resale value of the property. Additionally, all experienced Edmonton home builders will remind you that the shape of the land is as important as its size because it will directly impact your overall custom home design. Check out our article What is the Right Square Footage for Your Edmonton Custom Home for more tips on determining the ideal size of your new home. 

Zoning and Restrictions for your New Home

There can be restrictions and regulations depending on the kind of lot you want to buy; the best suggestion is that you request guidance from an experienced Edmonton custom home builder to avoid delays in your process and make sure your ideal custom home matches the area in which you would like to buy your lot.            

If you want to buy a lot and need experienced guidance during this process, contact Edmonton Custom Home Builders!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) 

Before buying a lot, take into account its location, size and shape, and any possible restrictions in the area.