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With a custom home, the most significant advantage you have is that every detail is personalized. This means you get to choose all interior and exterior features of your dream home. Many homeowners focus on visualizing the final interior look they want for their home but don't overthink about landscaping until the final stages of their construction or renovation project. Truth be told, your outdoor spaces should be such an essential part of your home design as your interiors.

Take into account that this is usually the first space people notice when they look at your home. Another plus? Landscaping can be relatively inexpensive when compared to other renovation projects. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we offer you a wide variety of landscaping possibilities that can be customized to match your personal style, and we have prepared some landscaping ideas for your new home in Edmonton.

A Charming and Well-Maintained Garden

The top trending feature when it comes to landscaping is a lovely garden. The garden area is one of the most critical aesthetic aspects of a luxury custom home. Edmonton home builders will suggest making good use of the beauty nature has to offer. This can be easily accomplished by planting flowers, trees or bushes of your choose. Just remember to prioritize native species, as those are the ones that are better adapted to local weather conditions and will bloom naturally.

A lot of a home's charm derives from a well-maintained garden. If you actually love to garden, you can have a dedicated space for a vegetable garden; while if you don't have too much time for gardening, it would be a good idea to choose low maintenance plants. And what about giving your new home in Edmonton a character feature? You may consider planting your favorite tree in the front yard so it can grow with your home. 

Comfortable Outdoor Areas 

Comfort is no longer just a benefit of interior spaces. There are many options for homeowners to take advantage of exterior space such as patios, decks, verandas, and balconies. These elements can play a primary role in your home's landscaping and your everyday life by providing fun spaces for family and friends gatherings. The first question you have to make yourself is what will the yard of your dream home look like? And what activities would you like to do there? By choosing the right elements, you can have indoors comfort outdoors. Maybe you would like to have an outdoor dining area for summer and even include an outdoor kitchen or barbecue unit.

On the one hand, patios and decks are the most preferred spaces among homeowners as they provide fun spaces for both adults and children. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we can help you choose the best durable outdoor furniture for these spaces. On the other hand, balconies and verandas are perfect spots for relaxing and reading and can give your new home in Edmonton a charming look with the proper custom home design. A bonus? These spaces add resale value to your property.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) 

Landscaping of your custom home is as important as interior design. When building or renovating your dream home, Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggests you consider fun and stylish landscaping options such as charming and well-maintained gardens and comfy outdoor areas.