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If you are planning to build your new custom home in Edmonton, then you may be already considering design options for all its different areas. This can be an exciting process as you get to visualize the finishings and last details that will make your property your dream home.

One of the most personal rooms in a home is the master bathroom, where you can disconnect and have some privacy after a long day. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we believe that master bathrooms should be spacious, luxurious and exceptionally relaxing. We have prepared some ideas for you to start planning the perfect master bathroom for you.

A Calming Colour Palette

If you are building or revamping your master bathroom, then one of the most critical custom home design choices you will have to make is the colour palette. In our experience as Edmonton home builders, the master bathroom should be a private place of pure relaxation, so it is advisable to go for calming colours.

White is the usual winner when it comes to this space, but grey and earthy tones can give you a soothing vibe as well. We recommend you create the perfect palette for you through the floor and top tiles in luxurious materials such as marble, and then bring some colour accents with decoration details. Learn more about how to choose the right colours for your new custom home here.

Spa-Like Fixtures

A luxury custom home can’t be complete without the top quality fixtures that will help you to pamper yourself every day. When planning your perfect master bathroom, consider the quality of building materials and fixtures that will resist the constant presence of water and steam. And what about a shower or a tub? You don't have to choose between them. In fact, you can even add a sauna!

Edmonton Custom Home Builders recommends you consider dual, open, steam, and even walk-in showers with multiple jets in the walls. And when it comes to tubs, deep-soaking tubs are the trendiest option as they provide enough space to actually immerse in the water and disconnect after a hectic day. Last but not least, heated floors have become a must in master bathrooms to keep homeowners warm during the winter season.

Lots of Storage Space

There always seem to be missing storage space in bathrooms. Towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bars of soap, and makeup usually take a lot of space. That is why Edmonton home builders recommend you consider adding double sinks with plenty of storage. The two sinks trend allows to have some personal space, and it can also provide the advantage of independent cabinets for storage.

Since towels are the items that usually take more space, you may also add a spacious towel closet to your custom home design. Just remember to locate it as far as possible to the wettest areas. Lastly, think about including an independent cabinet solely devoted to medicines.

Have you been considering a master bathroom renovation? Are you planning to build your dream home? Contact Edmonton Custom Home Builders today! We will prepare a summary budget for your new custom home and provide you with more information about our custom homes in Edmonton and the Fort Saskatchewan area!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

The master bathroom is one of the main relaxing spaces of our modern custom homes. If you are thinking about the perfect master bathroom for you, Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggests you go for a calming colour palette, spa-like fixtures and plenty of storage space.