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When building or renovating your new home in Edmonton, you have the opportunity to participate in the whole process and to make all the selections that will result in your ideal custom home. A custom build or a renovation also lets you add special rooms, such as that home office you have always dreamed of.

An office at home is one of the most appreciated spaces among homeowners as it usually becomes both a work and escape space to increase productivity and creativity. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we have prepared some tips for you to find inspiration for your dream office at home.

Choose An Inspiring Colour Scheme 

Whether you are building your office from scratch or starting a makeover project, the first thing you may want to do is choosing an overall colour scheme of your taste that also complements your overall luxury custom home style. The colour scheme is not limited to walls; it also includes decoration pieces such as interesting rugs, inspiring paintings, appealing coffee table books, and art pieces in general. The idea is for you to choose an inspiring palette that will help you to focus. Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggests a neutral palette that you can complement with wood or metallic furniture to have a peaceful space. You can also make a statement with a bold tone. What about your favourite colour, that which represents and inspires you? An office at home can be the perfect place to feature it.

Look for Comfortable and Functional Furniture 

Form and function are equally important when it comes to custom home design. Mainly if we are referring to furniture designed to work. It is vital that you check options in the market that merge design, style, and comfort. For example, a good chair doesn't only have to look good, it also needs to offer you a firm back support. Other essential pieces of furniture that your Edmonton home builder will probably suggest considering are stylish yet spacious bookshelves and custom built-ins, elegant but functional lamps, and maybe a sofa to take breaks. And what about a high-backed armchair or a stylish chaise longue for reading?

Include Specialized Elements 

Edmonton Custom Home Builders knows that there are no identical jobs. It may seem obvious, but another tip for creating your dream office at home is making sure you include all specific items related to your professional needs. For example, if your daily work includes drawing, a well-lit design table is a must for you. Remember that the most significant advantage of a custom office at home is that it is a space set up and designed by you and for you, so don't forget to ask your Edmonton home builder to help you include all the features you will need during working hours. Ideally, you should have all these elements at hand, neatly stored or stylishly displayed.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Whether you are building or renovating your dream office at home, Edmonton Custom Home Builders recommends you choose an inspiring colour scheme, look for comfortable and functional furniture, and include elements related to your daily work.