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If you are thinking about building or renovating your new home in Edmonton, then this is the perfect moment to start checking the latest trends in home design. Fashionable trends can help you to find the right inspiration for your dream home and can serve as a guide for your Edmonton home builder to accomplish the design style you are looking for.

Additionally, the right custom home design trends can directly impact your home value when they maximize your living spaces and make your home more comfortable. At Edmonton custom home builders, we suggest you take inspiration from these three hot design trends we have prepared for you, and adapt them to your personal taste and lifestyle.

An Open Super Kitchen with A Vibrant Twist

Kitchens have become the heart of the home and the dream of every cooking enthusiast. The top custom home design trend is to have a super kitchen that reflects your personality, where you can both entertain guests and share quality time with your family. With this in mind, the trendiest kitchens have an open space, plenty of storage space, and tons of light. And even if white kitchens will never be out of fashion, now homeowners are looking to add a pop of colour to show their taste. To accomplish this effect, experienced builders in Edmonton suggest you pick bold colours and patterns for your cabinetry, backsplash, island or floor.

A Finished Basement that Adds Value to your Home

Long gone are the days of messy and dark basements. One of the top trends in luxury custom homes is to have a finished basement. Among the many benefits of finishing your basement is that you will add usable footage to your property. Remember: It is not about finishing a space that you will never use but instead adding a livable space to your dream home. Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggests you take advantage of this room and create a space for renting a home office or a multipurpose room for your preferred activities.

Patterned and Textured Walls to Keep your Mood Up

Vintage trends are having a huge comeback this year when it comes to wall decor thanks to a classic design card: Wallpapers. But don’t be scared! We are not talking about old floral and countryside-style wallpapers that you had to glue on for hours. In 2018, custom home design has been revolutionized by wallpapers that are both beautiful and easy to install. Some of them don’t only provide glamorous patterns to your home but also exciting textures. Our Edmonton Custom Home Builders team suggests you be brave and try red, yellow and pink hues, as well as tropical patterns that will take your new home in Edmonton to a whole new decor level.

Are you ready to try new hot design trends in your new Edmonton custom home? Contact Edmonton Custom Home Builders today! We will prepare a summary budget for your new custom home and provide you with more information about our custom homes in Edmonton and the Fort Saskatchewan area!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

If you are building or renovating your new home in Edmonton, you should definitely check these three hot design trends: Super kitchens with rich colour accents, finished basements, and bold wallpapers.