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When you are considering to build a new custom home, many details are going through your mind, such as selecting a builder, buying a lot, and most importantly understanding every step of the process. In this blog series, we want to explain step by step all the details that entail bringing your home to life. 

As experienced builders, we believe that providing our homeowners with as much information as possible is key to make their process more enjoyable and less daunting. If you are on the early stages of building your home, or even deciding which is the right square footage for you and your family, take a look at the custom home building process step by step.

Step One: The Pre-Construction Stage

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During the stage of selecting a builder, many homeowners may believe that building their custom home starts when the actual construction work begins. Nonetheless, the planning/designing or pre-construction stage is key to see your dream custom home come true. Every Edmonton builder may have a different process, but at Edmonton Custom Home Builders you can start your pre-construction stage in two ways: By designing your new custom home with one of our trusted designers, or by bringing your custom home design for us to build it.

Whether you already have your custom home design or you choose to design your dream home with us, the pre-construction stage entails a couple of steps that include concept design, design development, applying for development and building permits, scheduling asbestos testing and removal if necessary, and going through your interior design and selections. Once these steps are achieved, you will be able to study your budget and discuss with us to make any required changes.

Step Two: Getting your Lot Ready for Construction

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If you have a previous structure on your property, you have the option to remove the house or to demolish it. Check out this blog from our partner, Sunset Homes, that explains Five Facts about Green Building and House Removal. To prepare your lot to start the construction phase and start with your foundations, our team proceeds to demolish or remove the existing structure, cleaning any debris, excavating and preparing the site for the following step in the construction process.

Step Three: Building your Custom Home Foundations

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Both ground conditions and climate conditions are factors that can determine the type of foundation that your home will need. As professional Edmonton builders, we always explain to our homeowners how foundations are one of the most essential elements of a home. The foundations for your new Edmonton custom home can be built with conventional concrete, Insulated Concrete Forms, cinder-blocks, wood, etc. Make sure you discuss with your builder the advantages and disadvantages of every option they offer before you make your final decision.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

The very beginning of the custom home building process entails planning and designing your new custom home, finalizing your selections and interior design, obtaining the required permits, preparing your site by either removing or demolishing an existing structure, and finally starting to build your custom home foundations.