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Whether you are building your Edmonton custom home as your forever home, building as an investment property, upsizing or downsizing, having the right builder is one of the key factors to have a good experience and a successful build. As experienced builders in Edmonton and major renovations experts, we know that there are specific characteristics to look for in a builder to make your building process more comfortable, less stressful, and actually enjoyable.

Select a Home Builder that Cares About Communication

To build or renovate dream homes successfully, it is highly significant that the homeowners and the builder can communicate directly, freely, and openly. This will ease the design process and translate your vision of the ideal family home into reality. There are a couple of ways of checking your builder in regards to communication: Interview past clients, their experience can clarify any doubts you may have. Another way is just to pay attention and check if your builder takes the time to answer your questions and provide you with enough and quality information to make your decisions.

By establishing good communication with your builder, you will ensure you understand every step of the building process. Along with your construction process, you will be meeting with your Edmonton custom home builder in different occasions to check your budget, review your design development, and finalize your selections for interior and exterior materials as well as your interior design. That means that excellent communication will make the difference through the whole process.

At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we also care about providing our homeowners with the right tools to be prepared during the home building process and make communication smoother. That is why we encourage the use of online tools such as Houzz or Pinterest to illustrate our homeowners' ideas while selecting materials and looks. We also think that creating a really well-designed wish list will set all the ideas clearly from the get-go. That will prevent misunderstandings in our projects.

Organization and Transparency are Key When Selecting the Right Builder

Although quality and experience are huge factors, an organized builder that can be on time and have excellent planning skills can make your building project easy and transparent.It is essential to know the details of every phase of the way while building your new home in Edmonton. That will make more comfortable for you to plan your living arrangements during construction, moving into your new home, and furnishing your home as well. If your project is a renovation, it will be key to account for any extra measures you need to take such as installing a temporary kitchen depending on the extent of your renovation.

At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we organize our projects, schedule and budgets using an online construction management software. You can learn all the details about it on our blog What is CoConstruct and How does It impact Your Custom Home Building Experience? Thanks to this software, our homeowners are able to follow their home’s progress in real time, communicate with us, and check it from anywhere in the world.

The organization and transparency skills that are important to look for in a builder also include forecasting difficulties and delays for your building project’s schedule. When you go for unrealistic schedules that don’t anticipate delays and complications due to weather conditions, especially in places with long winters, you might end up frustrated when your builder doesn't achieve their targeted timeline.

Conversely, if you go for a builder that organizes your custom home construction to meet milestones and accounts for extra time anticipating delays, then you will be able to have a more realistic and positive experience while building your new custom home.

Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When looking for a professional custom home builder and major renovations expert in Edmonton, make sure that you can establish a good communication and that you get access to all the details of your project, such as schedules, budget, and progress.