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When renovating or building your dream home in Edmonton, one of the most important aspects you need to define is the layout you want for your spaces. The proper layout choice is essential for any luxury custom home as it will determine your final custom home design and set the tone for the daily flow of your property.

At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we also believe that the layout you choose directly impacts the value of your new home in Edmonton. Of course that the most significant advantage of a custom home is that you can make all selections according to your taste and needs. And the final layout is no exception: You must go for the one that matches your personality and lifestyle. Nevertheless, some trendy and stylish layouts have gained the attention of homeowners, and that can help you to increase the resale value of your dream home. When considering layouts that can immediately increase your home value, Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggests you consider the following ideas:

Open and Airy Layouts Are The Indisputed Winners

The trendiest layout option right now is to have a full open floor plan that integrates the kitchen, dining room and living room. This makes a lot of sense as homeowners are looking for big airy spaces that create a sense of flow and cleanliness. As experienced Edmonton home builders, we suggest you consider knocking out non-structural walls or doors that are on your way to having an open and integrated space where you can cook and entertain at the same time.

A Well-Planned Garden Layout Will Always Be A Plus

Taking care of your landscaping is one of the most significant investments you can make to increase your home value. In our vast experience as builders in Edmonton, we assure you that outside spaces and gardens can become a great asset of your dream home if you transform them in comfortable areas for outdoor activities, especially during summertime. We recommend you make them visually appealing by including common trees and seasonal plants while adding fences and stone paths to delimitate spaces within your chosen layout. Check out these Three Design Trends for your New Custom Home.

The Right Basement Layout Means Return On Investment

One of the smartest moves when adding value to your custom home is investing in your basement layout. Homeowners now value the advantages of an extra living space that is completely renovated and that can serve for an array of purposes. Edmonton Custom Home Builders always extols the benefits of a finished basement. When planned correctly, this space can be perfect for an entertainment room, a guest bedroom, or even a rental unit that will give you some extra income every month.

A Clever Outdoor Layout Adds More than Value to your Edmonton Custom Home

The exterior layout of your new home in Edmonton is as important as its interior one. When making exterior upgrades, you are not only adding value to your property but also quality to your life. Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggests you consider adding comfortable spaces for outdoor activities such as porches, patios, decks, and pergolas. You can use these spaces for entertainment, barbecues, summer dinners, and parties. Just make sure you pay attention to the quality of building materials, so these elements keep their proper shape and hold their value over the years. Take a look at our Landscaping Ideas for your Custom Home in Edmonton. 

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When choosing a proper layout that increases your home value, Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggests you go for an open floor plan, take care of landscaping, finish your basement, and add livable outdoor spaces.