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What You Need to Know About The Custom Home Building Budget: The Hard Cost

On part one of this blog, we explained the importance of having a well-defined custom home building budget that includes two main cost categories: The soft cost and the hard cost. We also presented you the details of the soft cost, which consists of any cost that is not entailed by the construction process itself and is generated during the pre-construction and post-construction stages.

Today, we will focus on the hard cost category, so you have a comprehensive idea of what to ask your chosen Edmonton custom home builder at the moment of preparing the budget for your dream home.

The hard cost part of your Construction Project

This category includes any cost generated by the tangible assets needed for the construction step. This means that any item related to the building of your new home in Edmonton and is necessary at its construction site are considered hard costs. Some essential components of hard cost that we can mention as experienced Edmonton custom home builders are plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, which includes heating and HVAC.

It is also important to stress out that when including all construction expenses in the hard cost category, we are not only including structure and interior building but also the costs generated in the landscaping stage of your custom home. Depending on your architectural drawings, your Edmonton custom home builder may include items such as grass, trees, and fertilizer in your building project. Other hard cost expenses that you should also foresee when planning your general budget are those related to the site and interior cleaning and any equipment required for these tasks.

On the other hand, even if some homeowners first believe that these are pre-construction soft costs, the site preparation ―including the excavation and earthwork― are also an essential part of the hard costs you need to face to be able to start your dream home building process. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we always include the required concrete for exteriors and interiors, as well as the selections for interior and exterior finishes, when calculating our homeowners' hard costs. Insulation, drywall, roofing, flooring, doors, and windows are part of the hard cost as well.

In contrast to the soft costs, the hard costs are easier to estimate because they are tangible and quantifiable. But this doesn't mean they are easily foreseeable. The best way to have a realistic and comprehensive custom home building budget is to trust your project to a serious and experienced builder in Edmonton. Only a qualified team of professionals can guide you through the whole building process and make sure all the things you have always dreamed of are included in your quote.

Finally, take into account that your hard costs will deeply depend on the options offered by the market, your luxury custom home design, and the selections you make. To keep your budget under control, we suggest you openly inform your Edmonton home builder which items must be included in your dream home estimate and which items are optional. This way, you can receive the proper guidance to make informed selections and stay within your desired budget.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Any well-defined custom home building budget entails two main categories: The soft cost and the hard cost. The hard cost category includes any cost generated by the tangible assets needed for the construction step.