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Finding The Perfect Balance Between Wants and Needs when Building your New Custom Home

The process of custom building your dream home can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. If you have already selected and bought your lot, you are one step closer to materializing your project and ready to start its planning stage. But now you should stop for a moment and take into consideration some essential things that will help you define the particularities of your new home in Edmonton.

Our main recommendation as experienced Edmonton custom home builders during the planning stage is to take a moment to assess what you want and what you need to have in your luxury custom home. Only by differentiating these two categories, you will be able to prioritize certain aspects of your project and keep your budget under control. That is why we have prepared a list of some fundamental elements you should review to find the perfect balance between your wants and needs when building your new custom home in Edmonton.

The Estimated Budget for your New Custom Home 

The first thing you should consider when custom building your dream home is the budget you can dedicate to it. When estimating your budget, you should carefully separate on a list the things you can't live without ―your essential needs― and the things you want but that are not necessary for the completion of your dream home. Once you have done this exercise under the guidance of your chosen Edmonton custom home builder, you can prioritize the first category and then assign the remaining budget to those additions that make up your wish list.

Your Desired Home Size 

A fundamental aspect you should also contemplate is the size of your luxury custom home. A professional Edmonton custom home builder can guide you through this by showing you several land options or the potential of the lot you already bought, although we always recommend selecting a builder before buying a lot. The best starting point to determine the size of your new home in Edmonton is to evaluate your family's size and your future plans if you will be adding new family members to the picture. Remember that the size of your property will directly impact the overall budget and resale value.

The Number of Rooms 

Once you have chosen the right square footage for your Edmonton custom home, you can start planning how to distribute all the rooms you need and want. We suggest you openly talk to your Edmonton custom home builder about your absolute needs regarding rooms and explore the possibilities of choosing a floor plan that allows for multipurpose rooms. This will help you to maximize your space and find the perfect balance between the essential rooms you need ―such as bedrooms and bathrooms―, and the bonus rooms on your wish list ―such as a mudroom, home office, gym, and media room―.

The Perfect Kitchen 

It is often said that the heart of every home is the kitchen and we couldn’t agree more. In fact, in our experience as builders in Edmonton, we believe that modern homeowners value a good kitchen even more than before, as it has become the stage for an array of activities besides cooking. When planning the perfect kitchen, be honest with yourself when comparing your wants and needs. Not all homeowners will need a super bakery station, but all of them will need enough storage space and a balanced stove-sink-refrigerator distribution.

Your Ideal Bathroom Style 

Finally, another type of room that requires careful planning and design are bathrooms, as they are the perfect example of customizable rooms. Make sure you review in detail your bathroom wants and needs with your chosen Edmonton home builder and take into account the actual future use they will have according to family members and guests. Try to find the perfect balance between a functional bathroom that suggests a spa scenery and adds value to your property.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Ask your Edmonton custom home builder for guidance to find the perfect balance between your wants and needs when calculating your budget, choosing the right size for your home, deciding the number of rooms, and determining the style of the kitchen and bathrooms.