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6 Items You Should Consider Before Building Your Custom Infill Home in Edmonton

Building a dream home is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of a lifetime. Whether you experience this process positively or negatively directly depends on the planning stage. That is why, as experienced Edmonton custom home builders, we always suggest homeowners focus on six essential aspects when planning their new custom infill home in Edmonton.

Finding The Perfect Builder for You

One of the most important moves you will have to make before starting your project is finding the perfect builder for you. Take into account the builder will be in charge of the whole project from beginning to end ―which may mean an entire year―, so it is fundamental that you can establish fluid communication with the entire team.

There are many builders in Edmonton from which you can choose. When looking for the perfect one for you, make sure you ask for references and take a look at portfolios. It is vital that the builder you select has the proper expertise in building the type of infill home you are envisioning.

Location, Location

It may seem obvious, but it is very important! We can’t refrain from reminding you of the huge importance of your home’s location. It will impact the quality of your everyday life for years to come, so devote all the time you need to find the best location to buy the ideal lot for your new home in Edmonton.

We recommend that you ask yourself which style of community you would like to live in and consider both your current and future needs. Take into account which community amenities are mandatory for you. Some homeowners may need to be near school districts, shops, restaurants, while others may prefer rural areas at a slower pace.

Your Design and Construction Budget

Another essential item you should consider before building your custom infill home in Edmonton is your overall budget, as this is the starting point of any project. At this stage, your chosen Edmonton home builder can be of great help by providing you with an informed idea of what can be accomplished with the numbers you have in mind.

Of course, you can’t foresee every single expense of the building of your luxury custom home, but you can for sure have a solid estimate that you can later adjust with your builder as the project moves on. Check out more details in our article All You Need to Know about the Custom Home Building Budget.

The Necessary Permits

Building a new custom infill home in Edmonton also entails necessary permit applications and approval processes. That is why Edmonton custom home builders should assign a couple of weeks for these items once your custom home design is defined.

When looking for the right lot for your dream home, it is also a good idea to take into account which type of zoning would be required for the kind of structure you are planning to build. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we suggest you take into account your potential need for demolition, development permit, and building permits.

The Overall Exterior Look

The most significant advantage of custom home building is that you get to choose both the interior and exterior looks of your new home in Edmonton. When it comes to the exterior look, we suggest you carefully plan the structure, colours, and finishes as they will define the overall character of your home before people even go inside of it.

Even if it is true that you have full creative freedom to imprint your taste to your exterior look, it is essential that you try to match somehow the general style of the existing homes in the community you chose. Try to build a structure that is proportional in size to your lot and surrounding homes, so your luxury custom home stands out for being tastefully inserted in your neighborhood and not for looking bulkily out of place.

Your New Home’s Resale Value

Even if you are planning to live in your dream home for the next 20 years, it is important that you consider the resale value of the property into which you are investing so much money and energy. Ask yourself if the locations you are considering back the value of the custom infill home you are planning to build there.

Sadly, many homeowners end up with a property that exceeds considerably the value of the surrounding houses, which later makes it too tricky to resale. Ask your chosen builder in Edmonton for the proper advice on which areas are the best fit for the kind of building project you would like to execute.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Before building your new home in Edmonton, choose the perfect builder for you, select a good location that provides you with resale value, plan your budget, devote time for all necessary permits, and pay particular attention to the exterior look of your property.