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Building a custom home is a life-changing experience for sure. It allows you to create your Edmonton custom home from scratch exactly the way you want without compromising quality or space. Every day, more homeowners are trusting their custom home design to professional builders in Edmonton and are materializing their dream home.

We believe that the benefits of investing in a custom home in Edmonton are several. In our experience as professional Edmonton custom home builders, once homeowners have decided to move forward with their custom building project, the next big question is what kind of custom home is the best fit for them.

The ideal custom home is the one that combines functionality, durability, sustainability, style, and return on investment. Today, we would like to show you the great benefits of investing in a duplex custom home in Edmonton.

What Is Exactly A Duplex?

As its name suggests, a duplex home combines two separate living units separated by a firewall or a floor with the external appearance of a single living unit.
One of the beauties of duplexes is that each unit has its separate entrance. If you are considering to build a duplex in Edmonton, take into account that there are several types of possible duplex options.

Duplex Can be Custom Designed 

One of the main concerns of homeowners regarding the duplex option is the idea that the two units will look the same without room for customization. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we can assure you this doesn’t have to be this way. It is true that duplex units tend to look similar, especially when sharing a wall with the neighboring unit. But if you trust your project to an experienced builder in Edmonton, you will enjoy the possibility of adding a unique style to each side of your duplex and all the amenities you would love to have in your dream home.

A More Affordable Housing Option

When it comes to costs, duplexes result more affordable than other housing options. That is why there is a significant duplex trend among young homeowners and first-time buyers who are willing to make a wise first investment move in the real estate market.
One of the most significant benefits of a duplex is that you are getting two living spaces for the price of one, as you are paying for a single lot where you can accommodate two properties. All this without sacrificing your desire for enjoying a custom home design planned precisely for your needs.

The Perfect Fit for Big Families

Another significant advantage of duplexes is that duplex custom homes can feature the same number of rooms offered by a single home while providing the necessary privacy for each unit. If you have a large family that you want to keep together and also provide independence, or if you plan to keep your elders next to you to give them proper assistance, then a duplex can be a great option for you.

A Sound Investment Opportunity

Building a duplex can be one of the smartest investment moves you can think of. On the one hand, you are building two properties on a smaller lot, which means you will be saving costs from the beginning of your project, while also reducing your human footprint significantly.
On the other hand, duplexes are so versatile that they can generate a fixed income for you. When discussing your project with the builder in Edmonton of your preference, make sure you explore all your possibilities. For example, you could build your duplex as an investment property, with the idea of renting or selling both units, or maybe you could live in one unit and sell or rent the spare one.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Duplexes are one of the most trending designs due to their versatility. They are more affordable than other housing options, and they offer a great investment opportunity without compromising the possibility of customization.