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Edmonton Custom Home Builder Tips to Take Care of Your Home this Spring

Once you have built or renovated your dream home, one of the most important next steps is to maintain it in good shape. This is achieved with a series of daily actions to have your Edmonton custom home bright and shiny as if it was its first day. There are certain moments of the year when special maintenance becomes a must due to weather changes. Since the new season is already here, we thought it would be a great idea to share some easy tips for preparing your home for spring.

Assess The Damages: Check Your Interiors and Outdoors

Winter is probably the hardest season for your new home in Edmonton as many areas tend to be neglected because they are just not used as much as during warm seasons. To start spring on the right foot, the first thing you should do is checking all your interior and outdoor areas to evaluate all the damages that occurred during winter. The best way to go is by doing a thorough walk-thru that lets you inspect all areas and make a list of needed repairs.

At Edmonton custom home builders, we suggest you take a very objective look to vital areas such as the roof, doors, and windows. Ice dams can easily cause damage to roof edges and shingles, while caulking around doors and windows can get cracked due to extreme temperatures. Make sure you prevent this by upgrading the insulation and ventilation of your attic. Another good idea is to clean gutters and downspouts as they tend to accumulate a lot of debris that will become an obstacle during the rainy season. Last but not least, consider repainting some interior or exterior areas that look neglected to give new life to your spaces.

Pay Attention to Your Home’s Systems

The arrival of spring is a great moment to make sure your home’s systems are ready to continue working correctly when significant climatic changes occur. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we suggest you check your heating, ventilation carefully, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) paying particular attention to air and water filters to determine if they need to be cleaned or replaced. This is also a good time of the year to run quick but effective maintenance to your faucets and showerheads by soaking them in a water and vinegar solution to dissolve any heavy water particles.

If your luxury custom home has a chimney, its regular use is inevitable during winter, so it is also advisable to check its interior and exterior and have the flue cleaned by a professional. Ceiling fans are usually pretty neglected during cold months so it may be a good idea to clean them off as well. And of course, test your emergency systems such as fire extinguishers, and home, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms, as their malfunction can compromise your family’s life and yours.

Don’t Forget The Famous Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect season for cleaning, redesigning, and organizing your new home in Edmonton, as it evokes positive changes and fresher looks. The musts of a good spring cleaning include purging your home from the things that you no longer use, love or need, keeping dust, mold, and pollen away, and refreshing the air in all your interior spaces. We suggest you pay particular attention to the areas that are skipped most of the year when tidying and cleaning, such as appliances, ceiling fans, lighting installations, mirrors, and window surfaces. This will change the atmosphere of your home within minutes.

In our experience as professional builders in Edmonton, we can tell you that a correctly done spring cleaning is not only a matter of home looks but also of health. Clean and decluttered spaces help our homeowners to have more productive days and to enjoy life more in an inspiring environment. That is why we also suggest this spring you take some time to freshen up your furniture and fabrics by dusting, vacuuming and washing them if possible. And when it comes to decoration, why not treating yourself with some gorgeous spring blooms?

Plan Your Spring Garden

You can make the most of the spring season by planning the ideal garden for your new home in Edmonton. You can look out for the guidance of a professional team of exterior designers to sit and sketch out a plan for that landscape you have always dreamed of. As experienced Edmonton home builders, we can say that this is an ideal time of the year to get a garden growing with native plants and to add stylish and functional exterior items such as stone paths, ornamental fences, pergolas, and decks. A nice tip: Visiting botanical gardens and local nurseries can serve as great inspiration for you.

Spring can also become the greatest opportunity for you to include a memorable addition to your custom home exterior design by planting a tree in your backyard or front yard as the wet weather helps root systems get correctly established on the soil. Why memorable? Imagine planting a tree that will grow old with your property and that you will look at in the future and remember your first years in your dream home. This can be a lovely experience to share as a family to start making memories in your new home in Edmonton. 

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Spring is the perfect season to renovate and freshen up your home. To prepare for this season, make sure you check your interiors and outdoors for winter damages, pay attention to your home’s systems, do a spring cleaning, and plan your spring garden.