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What are the Advantages of an Open Concept Style for your Edmonton Custom Home?

In the last few years, selecting an open concept floor plan has become one of our homeowners' preferences. But why are homeowners choosing open concept floor plans and what are the advantages to have at least open concept on the first storey of your Edmonton custom home?

The open concept style consists of a single living space that combines a couple of rooms into one. An open concept main floor would have a kitchen, dining room, and living room in one shared space. At the very beginning of your custom home design, your Edmonton custom home builder and design team will ask you if you want to include an open concept design, so don't forget to add this to your ultimate custom home wishlist.

But to make an informed decision whether the open concept style is definitely for you, check out this list of advantages:

An Edmonton Custom Home with Plenty of Natural Light

When you choose an open concept design, your new custom home is usually designed to have fewer wall and more windows, and our homeowners most of the time go for floor to ceiling windows. This combination of fewer walls and floor to ceiling windows allows for lots of natural light in your new custom home and contributes to creating a feeling of having abundant space. A downside to having fewer walls is having less space for art and wall decoration as well.

Connecting Indoors and Outdoors in your Edmonton Custom Home

Our homeowners greatly appreciate outdoor spaces. If you decide to have a deck, patio, porch, or small garden, having an open concept style in your first storey becomes beneficial. In the same way floor to ceiling windows are recommended for an open concept, adding floor to ceiling glass doors will connect your indoor and outdoor spaces and will give your home a much larger look.  A disadvantage of being connected to outdoor living spaces might be having less privacy.

Maximizing Space for your Custom Home in Edmonton

When you decide to have an open concept floor plan, you can have an inviting and large environment by combining both the kitchen and living room areas and maximizing the available living space. This means that you are using all the space available and avoiding adding unnecessary areas such as hallways.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

The main advantages of choosing an open concept style are connecting with outdoor living spaces, maximizing your custom home space, and making it visually larger!