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Should I Build a Custom Home or Buy an Existing Home in Edmonton?

When you are ready to invest in a property or upgrade to a new home, you might find yourself surrounded by many options. Among the most popular options homeowners seem to debate, the most common is whether to buy an existing home or to build a custom home in Edmonton. 

Many factors can influence your choice; for example, what are your long term plans with the property? Are you planning this new home to be your forever home, or is it your home for the next few years? 

How big is your family, or how big are you planning your family to be? Is this new home an option to downsize, upsize, age in place? What lifestyle do you want to have? Depending on your answers to these questions, one option might suit you better than the other. 

Why You Should Build a Custom Home in Edmonton

Building a custom home is a unique experience in which the homeowners can plan and choose every detail in their home. This includes having the chance to select the quality of the building materials, choosing their finishes, and planning the overall look in their home.
If you like having projects and already imagine getting involved in the process of creating your dream home, most likely building a custom home is an excellent choice for you.

Location is Always Essential

Location, location, location is what we always read and hear about investing in a property. The truth is that your home's location will have an impact on your life. Whether it is located near work, in the right school district, or the best neighborhood for your family, your custom home location will influence your commutes and family activities. And from the investment point of view, it will also affect your home value. 

Some ready to buy homes are in new communities located far from downtown, whereas a custom home can be built in an existing community and surrounded by amenities. 

Convenience of a Modern Custom Home

Depending on your wishes and needs, one option can be more convenient than the other. For example, building a custom home allows you to customize your home entirely. That means that you decide the number of rooms and specialty areas that you will need in the future and that will allow you to use space efficiently.

If you are wondering about the custom home building process, the best thing to do is to approach a builder and make sure to understand how long it takes to build a custom home.

At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, to make the building process more efficient, we always try to maintain the best communication possible with our homeowners, using co-construct and our online software from which our homeowners can track their project online in real time. 

Cost to Build a Custom Home vs. Cost of Buying a Home

Many homeowners are inclined towards custom building but fear that building en Edmonton custom home may cost more. If you decide to build with an experienced custom home builder, you should be able to track your budget along the way, refine your budget by adapting your selections, and so on. 

On the other hand, buying an existing home takes a shorter time than building a custom home. Nonetheless, if you want to customize or adapt your home to your specific need, you would have to renovate and make an additional investment along the road. 

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Too Long Didn't Read (TLDR)

If you are debating between building a custom home or buying an existing home consider its location, budget, and quality of building materials to choose the option that best suits your wishes and needs.