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Let’s say you have already built or renovated your dream home. Now comes another tricky part: To maintain it in tip-top condition. Keeping your luxury custom home in good shape is a daily task, but there are specific moments in the year when homeowners must reinforce the regular maintenance with particular practices related to each season. Since October is here, it is a good idea to make sure you are prepared for cold times.

At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we think that fall is a season for getting cozy and relaxed indoors, not for having headaches because your new home in Edmonton has not been prepared for the typical weather of the season. That is why today we bring you some essential fall maintenance tips for your new custom home.

Prepare your Exterior Drainage

One of the most common problems that comes with cold weather is burst outer water pipes due to freezing temperatures. The best way to protect your dream home from this is to thoroughly drain your outside faucets so no remaining liquid can be frozen. Another tip from Edmonton home builders to avoid inconveniences is to check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are working correctly, which means they are not clogged or leaking. Take into account that, especially during fall, excessive leaves and debris can block your drainage.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

You may believe this is a bit over-the-top, but a roof inspection is always a good idea to prepare for winter time. But as this can be a risky task, your chosen Edmonton home builder can help you to hire a licensed professional who can determine if your roof is in excellent condition. Roof wear and tear can become the worst silent enemies in cold times because snow and ice can make their way to the inside of your home. To protect your luxury custom home, we recommend you check for leaks, cracks and broken tiles.

Take Care of your Garden

Even if it sounds odd, fall is the perfect season to start preparing your garden for a blooming spring in a few months. You can make the most of the season by fertilizing your grass, so it absorbs and stores plenty of nutrients. But in our experience as builders in Edmonton, the first thing you need to tackle in your garden during fall is the overall tree situation. Dead branches can become a threat to your property, car or even family members when they receive heavy wind, snow, and ice, so this is an excellent moment to trim them.

Check your Interiors

Last but not least, make sure your interiors are prepared for the change of season. Edmonton Custom Home Builders suggest you check your HVAC ―heating, ventilation and air conditioning― system to make sure they are working correctly. Other useful tips are to call a chimney sweep to take care of your fireplace and to winterize your indoor pipes by wrapping them with proper insulation. We also suggest you check all the windows and doors of your new home in Edmonton to spot breezes flowing through and seal them. And finally, freshen up your stored quilts and winter blankets, make some tea and get comfy into fall mood!

Still good weather at Edmonton to make sure you are ready for winter. Do you need help to maintain your new custom home this fall? Contact Edmonton Custom Home Builders today!

Planning on build your custom home  next spring? We will prepare a summary budget for your new custom home and provide you with more information about our custom homes in Edmonton and the Fort Saskatchewan area!