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If you’re thinking about building a new home, it’s understandable that you would want your builder to work with highly skilled professionals in order to ensure that every phase of your new home’s building is completed to a high standard. One key aspect of home building is QA, or quality assurance.

Quality assurance and new home building projects go hand in hand, and, at Edmonton Custom Home Builders, quality assurance is managed through a four-stage system:

#1. Design

Overlooking any small detail can become a dangerous and costly problem in the future, which is why quality assurance starts at the design stage. During this stage, we work with the client and architect to ensure that the design of the new home includes all the information required to provide clear guidance to subcontractors and suppliers, while the engineering consultant provides all the technical reports required to confirm and ensure the project is in compliance with standards and safety codes.

#2. Subcontractors

Subcontractors manage their own quality control through their own internal systems, which are monitored and audited by Edmonton Custom Home Builders. During the bid process, Edmonton Custom Home Builders reviews all offers, cross-checking the quality of subcontractors in previous projects to ensure they can meet Edmonton Custom Home Builders’s quality system requirements.

#3. Project Manager

The project manager makes regular site visits to inspect the work, and, once the subcontractor has completed a part of the work and performed their own quality check, the project manager goes through their own checklist to make sure nothing has been missed and that it meets Edmonton Custom Home Builders's standards. Following the best engineering practices, Edmonton Custom Home Builders uses a very detailed checklist for each of the construction stages, which confirms that the completed tasks are in compliance with the contract requirements, contract technical specifications, and drawings. 

#4. Quality Assurance Auditor

For each construction stage, the city of Edmonton also carries out a detailed inspection; the work is not complete until the specific work passes the required inspection. Safety code officers use inspections to audit the completed work for compliance with applicable safety standards.

In addition, Progressive Home Warranty Solution Inc, our home warranty provider, completes multiple assessments during construction to reduce or eliminate the potential for claims, which translates into a better quality home for the future home owner.

Quality assurance is the process of identifying or deciding on all the quality requirements of a project. It also includes identifying existing quality documents that are relevant to the quality requirements of the project, as well as making them available for use. QA is critical to the overall success of any construction project. On the possession date, when we hand over the keys, you will have the peace of mind that your home has gone through an extensive process of inspections and audits to ensure it is safe and has the highest quality.

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