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Creating a highly sophisticated property can feel impossible, particularly if you have a small budget for your new home. You don't have to spend a lot of money, however, to achieve an elegant, stylish, and comfortable interior that impresses every guest who walks through your door. A few design hacks and tweaks may be sufficient to transform tired and dull rooms into sophisticated places. Please read the following information on how to create a budget luxury home, feeling a little luxurious in the process. It is important to prioritize being creative when it comes to luxury living on a budget.

Three Steps When Planning a Luxury Home

These are three most important steps you should consider when planning your proposed luxury home. Let's dive in:

Step 1 – Set your budget. 

Making yourself poor building a house is never worth it, no matter how nice the place is. One of the things you should do when looking into building a home is to figure out what you can reasonably afford. The best way to do this is to source more funds and set a budget. 

Step 2 – Set your luxury. 

Getting a luxury home in your budget is most likely feasible, but it’s important to figure out what luxury means to you. Most people do not build a house without changing their minds a few times. So, ask yourself what you think is most important for your dream home. 

Step 3 – Ask your builder. 

Pick their brain once you find the builder you want to use. They have experience, and have probably seen people in similar circumstances when building a home, so they can help with some of the decisions. Just let your builder know your priorities and budget and there’s a good chance you’ll be happy when it is all over. 

The following tips below suggest some of the features your custom home design could incorporate as affordable ways to have a luxurious, elegant, and comfortable interior:

Coffered Ceilings. 

Little details can make a big difference with your decorations. Instill your guests with the idea that you live a high-end lifestyle by adding a coffered ceiling to your living room, kitchen, and dining area. A coffered ceiling combines walls and ceilings to ensure that rooms look complete, since rooms often seem unfinished without this small yet luxurious detail. Fortunately, coffering is not expensive and, hence, should be included on your design.

Sophisticated High-Quality Flooring.

While carpet can feel warm and comfortable below your toes, it is vulnerable to wear and tear, so you may have to replace it after several years. Vinyl plank floors are a modern miracle that provide homeowners the luxurious look and longevity of hardwood floors without the warping, water damage, staining, or scratching involved with their natural counterpart. Plus, vinyl plank flooring is typically a fraction of the cost for materials, and some varieties cut out labor costs all together with click-and-lock installation.

Elegant Paint Colors. 

The color you choose can make a room look either cheap and tasteless or elegant. Therefore, selecting a shade can be tricky when decorating a room primarily based on your desired color scheme. If you want to add instant elegance and glamor to the property, you would be wise to use specific colors for your walls.

Consider a Bathroom Like a Spa. 

Design your bathroom as a personal home spa, so that you can come home to a relaxing environment every day. By making space, removing clutter and bathroom appliances, and adding decorative touches, you can achieve a stylish and affordable spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Finally, while it takes a little work to build a luxury home on a budget, it is achievable. It's more about setting expectations and priorities than getting a killer deal from a builder. At Edmonton Custom Home Builders, we help our clients by suggesting affordable ways to make your luxury home a reality, and we will make sure you're ready to build and own your new luxury home. 

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