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Edmonton’s Finest Custom Home Builders & Major Renovations Providers

Edmonton Custom Home Builders is a full-service custom home building and renovations company serving the Edmonton area. We specialize in bringing to life your vision of a functional, luxurious and efficient home.

Whether you are building a new custom home or looking to complete a major renovation, our team possesses the experience, professionalism and skill to build your dream home on budget and on schedule. From acquisition through to architectural design, permitting, interior design, financing and construction, we make your one of a kind home a reality. Our dedicated team works with you to create a home that reflects your unique style, possessing all the features and functionality you want in your home.

Edmonton Custom Builders is a branch of Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder. For over a decade, Sunset Homes has created modern, state-of-the-art homes that feature green building techniques to construct spacious interiors specially designed for the families who live there.  Now, partnering with Edmonton’s leading major renovations providers Buildmora Construction Services, Ltd., Sunset Homes is pleased to announce that their custom home building and major renovations services are available throughout Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan.

Using only the best building materials and innovative, green building techniques, our team’s expert craftsmanship and keen eye for design, results in beautiful, stunning homes that are absolutely bespoke.

Major Renovations for Edmonton Area Homes

In addition to building custom homes, Edmonton Custom Home Builders also works with existing properties, completing major renovations for homeowners who are looking to update their space and add greater functionality in their home. Our renovation capabilities vary depending on your project and your property’s needs. As with every project we work on, we utilize eco-friendly, green building techniques to create beautiful, functional, modern homes that are uniquely and one hundred percent your own.